Jean Grossman

Dr. Jean Baldwin Grossman is on the faculty of Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs. She is an expert on in-school and out-of-school interventions serving disadvantaged youth, including education, mentoring, out-of-school time (afterschool and summer programs), and employment programs. She is currently studying several education interventions (e.g. tutoring) and several employment related programs—one studying how 5 workforce development systems are changing to better serve young adults by incorporating positive youth development practices, being employer driven, working together better and incorporating a race equity and inclusion lens into their work; and two projects helping Job Corps build evidence to strengthen their program.  She also leads a project to write a series of practitioner oriented briefs that presents concrete actions districts can take to improve the social emotional well-being of its students in service of improving educational equity. 

In addition to teaching a graduate class on program evaluation and advising senior theses, she is a Senior Fellow with a not-for-profit research firm, MDRC, and helps evaluate a variety of types of interventions.  In 2010-11, she was the Chief Evaluation Officer for the US Department of Labor overseeing all the department’s program evaluations.  She has a Ph.D. in economics from M.I.T.